Debating School

Debating is widely recognised as a useful skill in primary, secondary and tertiary education, and provides a distinct advantage in many career paths, especially those involving public life or progressive, competitive fields. It is no accident that the most famous Oxbridge and Ivy league institutions emphasise competitive debating. The ability to successfully and respectfully debate the opposing opinions of others, and the ability to accommodate conflicting perspectives in oneself, is paramount to progressive thinking in numerous areas ranging from politics, to business planning, to scientific ethics. Debating takes a student well past the bounds of rote learning and forces individual’s to think creatively and progressively.

Debating provided many advantages for an individual, even without the advantages and subject depth granted by competition. It has been used as a way of combating shyness, of dealing with the common fear of public speaking, and of preventing the stultification that may result from a detached perspective of the world. Debating lets an individual immerse themselves in a subject, apply their knowledge and experience the multiple dimensions not provided by a limited test book understanding. Debating is always pragmatic, and a pragmatic attitude is useful for all fields in life.

Our small class size allows each student to receive adequate attention from our qualified coaches. Debates are carried out between students in every session, preparing individuals for competitive situations, and feedback is provided for each student.

As with all our subject’s private tuition is available for individual students. Individual coaching can be of greatest assistance immediately prior to competitive debates.

If you have any inquires about our debating school programs, please visit us at our Chatswood school near Lane Cove and Artarmon.