Drama School Classes Chatswood


There may be a great number of aspiring actors and not a great number of potential acting careers, but many people study drama for other reasons. Did I say study? I mean they take drama classes. People study math, people participate in drama. What was that proverb?  Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Well drama means involvement, and learning means becoming more than what you were before you started.

Drama school is about creativity. Even when it’s somebody else’s script the actor’s interpret the parts, and play off the interpretation of others around them. Even if the individual never becomes a performer they learn what can be done with performance. If you want to be a scriptwriter then the actor’s experience and perspective is needed. If you want to understand people, then you should familiar with the classics in theatre.

Drama classes are about interacting with people. Unless you intend to work in a cave for the rest of your life you will find interacting with people is an essential part of almost everything you do. Being confident on stage can make all the difference in one’s life.

Participating in drama promotes creative and lateral thinking. How do we fit this story in this space? How do we get the audience to understand how the character feels? We can’t just tell them how we feel- that makes them angry! We have to show them without them feeling it is being forced upon them. How do we several decades of history on a small stage in less than 2 hours? How does drama represent so much of the world and what goes on inside so many heads?

Drama is about the human condition. Have a bigger view of the world and see from some other perspectives. Understand that there are several viewpoints interacting here, and maybe they’re all right. The great playwrights put years of their own history and observation into their works; performing these works passes on some of that experience. Don’t be limited by what you have encountered in your own life. Understand yourself and others by playing their part for a while, and change your experience for having encountered theirs.

Drama is about more than words and paper. Drama is about life, drama affects every part of life.

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