Essay Writing

The ability to communicate ideas in a written form is vital for virtually any form of educated job. This is reflected in the fact that English, and hence fundamental communication, is one of the very few subjects made compulsory during high school. Inability to perform well in written language disadvantages individuals in all professions.

Our classes centre on text studies, and the detailed comprehension of major themes, characters and literary techniques in fiction. We teach students to connect ideas and insights into essays that are analytical, creative, structured and that convey their ideas effectively. We further link this to oral assessments, as spoken and written forms of the language are interrelated.

We run classes tailored to the HSC curriculum, available in group or private formats. Many of our tutors for these classes are themselves assessors for the HSC English courses at 2U, 3U and 4U level.

If you have any inquires about our essay writing programs, please visit us at our Chatswood school near Lane Cove and Artarmon.