Public Speaking

Our public speaking courses emphasises the necessary skill set required to speak with confidence and conviction in public, and to provide effective communication in all circumstances. These public speaking skills are highly recommended for high school and tertiary education, but also vital for many types of public careers. Ideas, whether political, scientific, artistic or otherwise, are of very limited use if they cannot be communicated to others, either in speech or in writing. And public speaking provides one of the most effective methods of both conveying ideas, and of giving structure to facts and opinions.

Our public speaking tutors have an intimate knowledge of their subject and are experienced in speaking, debating and competitive adjudication. Students will learn to engage with and speak on an array of current events and cultural topics, learning the importance of manner and presentation. Students who have tendencies for shyness or the common fear of public speaking can benefit greatly from our small class sizes. Individuals receive personalized feedback on their performance and progress, and can acquire the necessary skills and experience before any audience is present.

Our public speaking classes cater to students from a primary to tertiary level with classes for skill sets ranging from novices to experienced speakers. We can also provide private tuition for individuals who require personalized coaching. This personal coaching can be of great benefit for individuals immediately before assessed or competitive speeches.

If you have any inquires about our public speaking courses, please visit us at our Chatswood school near Lane Cove and Artarmon.